Learn Basic SEO- Search Engine Optimization

Learn Basic SEO- Search Engine Optimization As we move ahead we need to learn few basics of how SEO works because this is what will   help us rank our website url and its pages in google search engine. It is also very important that the content of the website is unique and helpful for your subscribers and viewers.

Every step should be well crafted .  For example let us see how a page can show up in google whether it is ranked or not.

Simply type as an example   searchengineland and all the ranking  pages will show up. Learn Basic SEO- Search Engine Optimization by following these

This is a good way of seeing the pages that have been ranked. Learn Basic SEO- Search Engine Optimization

                                                                               Why is SEO Important?

SEO is important because you will be recognized in the internet and depending how powerful your contents are  you will be recognized in that manner. Therefore always be very careful how your SEO is being done

                                                                            Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are important because this helps you increase your websites Domain rating , Domain authority and Page Authority. The more that Domain rating and authority the better your website is placed on the internet.

Learn Basic SEO- Search Engine Optimization :Do Follow and No Follow backlinks

Well this is a combination , one must have do follow backlinks wherein both your website and the website which  you have given link to reciprocate each other. For example if your domain authority is less and you take a backlink from a high authority  as we all know wikipedia  is a high Domain authority and they provide only No follow . however a  no follow with wikipedia is very helpful also.

You can see the scripts wherein do follow and no follow is written when you inspect a website.

Although aim should be always for do follow backlinks , but no follow is equally important and one should have no follow.

                                                    Spamming ! is that automatic

when your website receives unsolicited and unwanted messages in the form of advertisement or emails , you are required to block those as they are  harmful for your website. These are forms of harassment that a website owner receives as he progresses in his quest for a high Domain Authority website. Therefore one should be careful that the website does not have a high percentage of spam.

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